Kitchen to Table

Kitchen to Table

The IFP currently serves about 150 households each month through its “Home Delivery” program. This program pairs home-bound elderly, disabled and medically fragile individuals with volunteers who bring them food on a bi-weekly or monthly basis. This program enables clients to live independently; however, many face a challenge to easily prepare healthy foods due to physical limitations or the cooking facilities available to them.

To meet this need the IFP has developed a “Kitchen to Table” program, which will provide this at-risk population with healthy foods that can be frozen, thawed and easily cooked in the microwave or prepared with minimal efforts on the stovetop.

Like all IFP programs the “Kitchen to Table” program was developed to meet a specific need while offering opportunities for community involvement. Working alongside IFP staff, you and eight to fifteen people will work as a team to help prepare and package meals for our home delivery clients.  This is a fun, rewarding activity that encourages teamwork, builds camaraderie and fosters good-will among your employees. We simply ask that you cover the one-day costs of the program with a $1,500 contribution.  This will cover all ingredients, packaging materials, staff time (including research and delivery oversight costs), utilities, insurance and equipment depreciation.

In return, photos and the use of the IFP brand will be provided to you for your cause-related marketing efforts and social media pages, and you will receive special recognition as a Kitchen to Table sponsor on a special section of our website and in our annual report.

Kitchen to Table Sponsors: