Grades 3-5 Activities and Curriculum

Below are numerous different ways to get younger generations involved in helping to fight against hunger and in aiding those who need it most. They are also excellent tools to teach about hunger, nutrition, and the inequalities within our world. The different activities and tools are listed below and separated by age group. There is also a detailed description of what each activity is.

Grades 3-5

  • Activities
    • Helping Hands Activity
      • This activity allows students to reflect on what they learned about hunger.
    • What does it feel like to be hungry activity
      • This activity demonstrates that food is not distributed equally. Students will discuss their feelings about inequality, the myths surrounding hunger and the gap between the rich and poor.
    • Hunger Quiz with Answers
    • Rice Bowl Lesson- Why are people hungry
      • Students will use their hands, mind, and heart to explore the plight of world hunger.
    • Hunger Tree
      • A lesson exploring the root causes of hunger
      • This activity uses the image of a tree to help students understand the problem of “hunger” that may seem overwhelming and impossible to change at first. This Hunger Tree activity helps young people think though the problem and why it occurs. They also think together about actions that can be taken to help reduce the problem of hunger.
  • Talk about the purpose of a Food Pantry
    • Have the students do a Word Search, but also explain the terms used within and their purpose
  • Postcard Reflection
    • If the activities follow a food drive or volunteer experience have the students reflect on their volunteer experience